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 Are you an eBay seller with your own website?
 Worked hard to build up good feedback?
 Increase Bids & Sales with our new Free Tool!

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Quickly Display Your eBay Feedback

Simple 4 Step Setup Will Ensure Your Feedback Is Displayed On Your Own Website In Seconds!

Create An Account by completing the simple registration form which only takes seconds.
Verify Your Email Address by entering the code or clicking the link in the automated email.
Copy The HTML Code that has been created for you and is displayed in your control panel.
Paste The HTML Code into your webpages in a position you choose - then save and upload.

That's it! Your eBay Feedback will be automatically displayed & provides a direct link to your eBay page!

Recently upgraded this free eBay feedback tool now works with the following eBay sites:
UK | USA | Australia | Canada | France | Italy | Spain | Ireland | Switzerland | Austria | Germany

Top Reasons Why To Use

Increase Customer Confidence & Boost Sales! Display Your eBay Feedback On Websites & Blogs etc

You have probably worked hard to build up good eBay feedback - this Free Tool will enable you to display your hard work.
Customer confidence is increased when they see Positive Feedback and a trading history which in turn can increase bids.
A smart looking icon will be displayed with your eBay User ID, Feedback Total and the Percentage of Positive Feedbacks.
Additionally by clicking the icon the potential customer will be taken directly to your eBay Feedback Page.
If you can copy & paste then it will only take minutes to have you feedback displayed in your webpages or email newsletters.
Copy your custom code exactly as displayed and your eBay feedback will be updated daily - no charges or fees!
Join thousands of other eBay sellers currently using this tool and who are driving extra sales for free!

We take your privacy seriously - we will never sell, share, lend or otherwise make available your email address. We have been providing free auction tools for twelve years to thousands of auction users and you can be assured that the only emails you will receive will be service emails regarding this tool and information on forthcoming free tools. [Full Privacy Policy]

Got Questions About This Feedback Tool? Click For Our FAQ

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